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Elevate Your Brand With Apps

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This sweet end-of-year deal will take your video platform to a whole new level. Kick off 2023 by delighting members with a far more engaging and accessible platform. 

Launch 2 mobile apps and we’ll give you a TV app for FREE for 1 year.


Why Your Membership Stands Out With Apps

Raise Your Brand's Profile

Get More Rewards for Your Effort

Keep Your Members' Attention

Launch apps for a more professional and legitimate brand. Your subscribers will enjoy a seamless, high-end experience that’s ahead of what other creators are offering. Subscribers will love that they can enjoy your videos on apps, the way they prefer. 

Having your content, community, and offers in one place gives you a lot less to manage. With everything they need in one app, your members have every reason to stay. And once you’re on app stores, new members will have one more way to find you on their favorite devices. 

The distraction-free viewing experience of apps keeps your members immersed. Plus, nudge them back to your platform with push notifications. That’s why Uscreen customers with apps have 10x more active users. 

Apps by the Numbers




Increased Watch Time

More Revenue

Better Engagement

50% of our highest-earning customers' watch time comes from apps. 

Our top customers earn up to 30% of their revenue through in-app purchases.

On average, Uscreen customers see their engagement go up 20% just 2 months after launching apps.

You’re In Good Company

"When we launched Abundance Plus with Uscreen, it exceeded my expectations. When we launched this app, our membership doubled."

"Having apps in addition to my membership site changed the game. The apps are the selling point."

"We are 100% happy with our Uscreen experience & I recommend Uscreen to other content creators on pretty much a daily basis."


Founder, Abundance Plus

Sarah Beth

Founder, @SarahBethYoga

Chris Sharpe

Co-Founder, Yoga with Adriene

All That Without Having To Write A Line Of Code

Uscreen takes care of everything involved with building your apps. When they’re ready, we submit them to app stores for you. After you launch, your apps get better and better with constant updates and exciting new features

Your Choice Of Any TV App, Free

Here’s how it works: Buy your 2 apps for iOS and Android. Then, you get 1 free TV app of your choice for 1 year.

His Membership Doubled With Apps

Justin is a YouTuber in the homesteading space with 1 million subscribers and a massively successful streaming service called Abundance Plus. Hear more about Justin's experience with Uscreen and launching his apps in this short clip.


Here's What We Do For Creators Like You

Uscreen gives creators full built-in tools and 1-on-1 support to launch successful video membership platforms. We help you, and over 25,000 creators, own your audience, distribute your content across all devices, and grow your video membership.


3 Apps For The Price Of 2! 

But remember: this offer lasts only until December 16th, so now’s your chance

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